Canary Garden

Canary Garden by KSL Holdings Bhd is one of the mixed-use development that blends residential and commercial hub where those functions are physically and functionally integrated.


Established For Over 30 Years

KSL Holdings Bhd is one of the major property players in Johor and has been established for over 30 years. With the aim of becoming one of the top 10 property developers in Malaysia, KSL Holdings Bhd has diversified its operations to include ventures into the Klang Valley and has a strong presence within the Iskandar Region. Its core business is in the sectors of property development, property management and property investment business, driving KSL Holdings Bhd as a leading property developer in the country.

Giving customers and investors’ unsurpassed value and benefits, the company has since evolved from a conventional developer to a lifestyle and boutique-centric developer in meeting the needs and expectations of current market trends of today. Moving towards creating the fast-expanding business of a luxury lifestyle urban living, KSL Holdings Bhd is best known for their innovative and pristine design which embraces quality and enhanced living standards. With benchmarks in building quality homes, residential addresses are distinctly set within progressive environments while developing communities that are both engaging and holistic. With good creative design in delivering unique property development, KSL Holdings Bhd is run by an expert team of professionals that strive to meet the expectations of living in today’s discerning market.

Values & Aspirations

As a leading property player, KSL Holdings Bhd firmly believes in being a boutique developer that provides a selection of home designs set within a relaxed and tranquil environment, elements of an ideal lifestyle, with nearby conveniences, facilities, amenities and accessibility.

Our aspirations include : -
  • Creativity, Innovation, Lifestyle and Functionality are the main elements of KSL in providing a niche and exclusive development to its buyers.

  • KSL Team shares common values in creating a quality lifestyle and eco friendly living environment for its residents.

  • The creation of a holistic community which spurs socioeconomic growth as a whole.

  • Earning loyalty from customers by providing incessant value for money with good product quality and eminent services in the industry whilst delivering innovative and excellent products that provide customer satisfaction.

  • Developing an exhilarating concept that exhibits style, elegance and distinct design, creating an invigorating environment,leveraging on the best technological, innovative and creative methods at hand.

  • Cultivating better investor relations with stakeholders in sustaining business growth, accountability and profitability in providing continuous growth and development.

  • Creating a good and cohesive working environment between employers and employees to provide the best results and successful outcome.


A Renowned Name As A Top Property Player

KSL Holdings Bhd depicts the company’s stronghold in positioning the best in innovations and delivering unique growth structure that embraces lifestyle elements with a mixture of commercial and business components put together to create a development that meets the expectations of the target market.

Award & Achievement

KSL Group is an award-winning public listed property development company with numerous Best Shareholdeers Value Awards under its belt. The Group has vast experience of more than 30 years in developing innovative and quality residential, commercial properties and township in particulars. Since the Group’s successful listing on the main board of Bursa Malaysia February 2002, its group of companies has also profited with rapid and steady growth.

KSL Holding Berhad also won the BCI Asia Top Ten Developer Awards in 2014 which particularly attributed to quality, innovation and excellent property developer.

Low-profile KSL Holdings Bhd is probably not the first name that comes to mind when talking about property developers in Malaysia. Nonetheless, in terms of earnings and return on equity (ROE), the Johor-based-developer has outshone many of its peers. KSL’s earnings have been on an upward trajectory in the past three years despite hitting a speed bump in its financial year ended Dec 31, 2015 (FY2015), as the domestic property market cooled. Still, its annual profit of RM266.1 million that year was the second highest that KSL had posted since its listing in 2002. The developer achieved a record high net profit of RM342.3 million on revenue of RM801 million in FY2014, thanks to brisk property sales in Johor and steadily rising recurring income from its shopping mall and hotel, KSL City Mall and KSL Resort, in Johor Bahru.

Pre-tax profit grew at three year compound average growth rate of 25%, from RM173 million in FY2012 to RM338.55 million FY2015, although this was a drop from the RM431.8 million booked in FY2014. Its impressive earnings put KSL among The Edge Billion Ringgit Club members with out-standing ROE in the property sector. Shareholders of KSL enjoyed double-digit ROE of between 12.3% and 23.7% from FY2012 to FY2015 with a weighted three-years average of about 17%.

Given the sharp rise in its earning, KSL resumed dividend payments in FY2014 after a three-year hiatus. It declared a gross dividend per share of 10 sen in FY2014 and two sen in FY2015. With a massive land bank in Iskandar Malaysia and the second-tier cities of Johor, such as Muar and Kluang, KSL was riding high when the property sector was booming in the southern state. It also has township developments in Klang, Selangor.

In 2010, KSL hogged the limelight in the investing fraternity when Templeton Emerging Markets group took up a 5% stake in it through a placement. Templeton Asset Management Ltd executive chairman Mark Mobius said at the time that KSL was a leading Malaysia property developer with a strong track record and an experienced management team. “We are impressed with KSL’s diversified property projects and business model,” he noted in a statement. Before its peers and others from outside the property industry had jumped on the shopping mall bandwagon for rental income, KSL had already opened its first mall-KSL City Mall- in JB in December 2010. Running a mall can be a challenge but KSL seems to have found the right formula. Singaporean and local tourists in Johor Bahru are currently the captive market for KSL City Mall and KSL Resort.

Its mall and hotel division is a significant revenue contributor at present. In FY2015, its property investment segment generated revenue of RM157.9 million, which accounted for 23% of KSL’s total revenue of RM680 million, and a pre-tax profit of RM134.1 million, which included gains on fair value adjustment of RM56.1 million. Investment analysts and fund managers opine that the rental income from the mall and hotel will act as a cushion for KSL as a property sales slow down. In fact, the company is growing its investment property portfolio following the success of KSL City Mall and KSL Resort. It launched the KSL City Mall @ Klang project late last year. This is poised to be the biggest mall in Klang, almost three times the size of its predecessor in Johor Bahru. KSL’s major township developments include Taman Nusa Bestari, Taman Bestari Indah, Taman Kempas Indah and Taman Daya in Johor, as well as Bandar Bestari in Klang.

Historic Milestones

KSL Holdings Bhd has major on-going projects on stream in the District of Johor Bharu, Muar and Klang which comprises mixed development of commercial and residential properties. Taman Nusa Bestari comprises of two (2) parcels of freehold land and measuring approximately 227 acres. The development project comprises over 2,000 units mixed development with estimated sales value of approximately RM1.0 billion.

Taman Bestari Indah has over 10,000 unites of properties with gross sales value of over RM2.1 billion with an estimated area of over 700 acres. With an estimated sales value of over RM1.0 billion, Taman Kempas Indah has an estimated area of 237 acres comprising to over 1,500 units of properties. An estimated area of 188 acres comprises over 1,400 units of properties with estimated sales value of over RM800 million, Maharani Riviera is a township planned in Muar. With gross development of RM5 billion, Canary Garden @ Bandar Bestari has approximately 448 acres located along Jalan Klang-Banting and about 15 minutes from Klang town centre.


Project Development


Canary Garden

18 Madge
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18 Madge

Service Apartment Jalan Kapar


Bandar Bestari Business Park
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Bandar Bestari Business Park

Commercial City
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Commercial City


KSL City

Bestari Indah

Kempas Indah

Taman Nusa Bestari

D’Inspire Residence


Corporate Social Responsibility

Greening Environment, Good Education and Best of Health” are the three core components of KSL Holdings Bhd’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) key platforms in giving back to the communities of Klang Valley.

Championing the cause of education and knowledge, towards building better human capital, KSL Holdings Bhd has allocated special funds to assist needy students with good curriculum results in order for completion of primary and secondary education before venturing into the tertiary field. KSL is also looking at creating an educational fund and charity support for Malaysian students in which it caters to students are in need for financial support in stepping into a higher level of educational system. Spurring the young minds towards academic achievement, KSL Holdings Bhd believes that education is the pillar of economic growth. Providing an opportunity for the underprivileged children, KSL Holdings Bhd is determine to give them a chance to explore and experience an education that would heighten their chances to developing good entrepreneurial skills, production levels and industrial knowledge.

Towards greening the environment, and making it a safe and healthy for the current and future generation , KSL Holdings Bhd supports recycling, by reducing the consumption of raw materials, water pollution, low energy consumption and sorting out recycling materials. Fighting on “Saying No to Pollution”, KSL Holdings Bhd allocates bins alongside the development to support a green and healthy environment. With the vast building and design of the development, noise pollution is also taken into consideration to prevent loud sound transmissions. By incorporating green “solutions” into the home designs, KSL has carefully designed their home units that are built in a north-south orientation way that allows natural sunlight to sip through each units, and air ventilation surrounding the 5,000 square feet units which offers a cool and airy living environment. Towards greening the environment, KSL has integrated a 52-acre French-themed garden in their 448-acres township for recreational enjoyment of the public and residents of the township. The garden is inhabited by a variety of tropical species of flora and fauna that plays a vital role in biodiversity for the environment. Working with existing landscape and riverscape, KSL is now preserving the Blackwater River which has been around since historic times, creating a needed space for peace and tranquillity for residents and the public.

KSL Holdings Bhd understands the importance of health and lifestyle in today’s busy contemporary world, and has engaged in health activities together with health practitioners and professionals in Malaysia for the benefit of its residents and the public. To having health screenings for safety and prevention of health issues and disease, to organising health talks to promote healthy living lifestyle, KSL Holdings Bhd is committed to fulfilling the organisation’s role towards contributing within the social responsibility sphere.